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Dragon Rapide

Our vintage Dragon Rapide operates sightseeing flights from the Imperial War Museum Duxford in Cambridgeshire.

There is an expression in aviation that says “If it looks right, it will fly right”. The Spitfire is a good example of this philosophy as indeed is Concorde. We like to think that the Dragon Rapide fits into this category as well. For 70 years the graceful Art-Deco lines of the Rapide have graced the world’s skies making it a favourite with passengers and pilots alike. The fact that a steady trickle of these mini-airliners is being restored to fly again emphasises that they still have a valuable part to play in re-creating the flying nostalgia of an earlier age.

We hope this brief introduction will give you a small insight into the background of the Rapide and add a little to what we are sure will have been a very pleasant flight back in time.


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